If the Contractor is asked to be trained to a certain level to make them Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons to carry out the work (SQEP) which also requires a further review 12 weeks later and the Contractor attends the training but does not carry

Monitored Workers Course is for working under the Ionising Regulations on nuclear active areas. Contractors are required to take this course to become Suitably Qualified to carry out the work in C3 areas and will be reviewed 12 weeks later to see if they have understood the course and are remaining compliant. If they do not take the review and get signed approvals in place their training is revoked and they will need to undertake the training again.

Would the Employer need to pay for the retraining if the Contractor did not attend undertake the SQEP Review?


Which main Option is the contract on? If we assume main Option C and assume that this requirement is a constraint (11.2.9) stated in the Works Information (11.2(25)) then not complying with a constraint is a Defect and in Option C is a Disallowed Cost and should not be included in Defined Cost 11.2.23

The Contractor is also failing to act in accordance with the health and safety requirements stated in the Works Information (27.4)