NEC3 ECC Option C SOCC Cost of safety training

Item 13 (o) of the SOCC within NEC3 ECC Option C identifies safety training as an allowable cost providing that the cost is incurred in providing the works.

A few Questions here on this subject matter -

Is generic safety training allowable?
If not, then what is industry standard training? and where is this stipulated i.e. is there statutory legislation or the like that governs this as a minimum requirement?

Is the cost of obtaining certain schemes such as CSCS card allowable, if it is stated as a requirement to gain access to the site within the Works Information? and conversely, if it is not a specific requirement of the Works Information?

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13 (o) of the SCC covers safety training which is specific to a project. So generic safety training is deemed included in the Fee (52.1)

The CSCS card is something that an individual working on construction sites can show that he they have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out.

These costs do not fall into any of the cost components in the SCC and would therefore fall into being deemed included in the Fee. This is regardless of whether it is a requirement of the Works Information or not.

Please advise where the reference to ‚Äúspecific to a project‚ÄĚ comes from? I cannot contemplate safety training that would be specific to a project. You have task specific safety training and general training but not training specific to a project.

13(d) of the SCC is medical examinations; are these ‚Äúspecific to a project‚ÄĚ? I think not in either case; given the industry commitment to Health, safety and welfare, I consider that both these are included in the SCC in the spirit the contract was envisaged.