How would you incoporate NEC3 into a disseration question?

About to start my disseration and looking to do it on NEC3 but not sure what question to use. Cost implications? Advantages over other forms of contract?

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I think this is a better question to ask on our sister LinkedIn discussion forum - go to - as this is more of a discussion question, than a ‘hard edged’ contractual question. I will then approve it.

I’d avoid benefits of NEC3. In short theer aremanay and this topic is reasonably well documented in existing publications. I have also seen a few publications of cost benefits and resources as well, although there appears to be less available on this.

Disallowed cost and the scehdule of cost components are the most emotive topics that i hear about from NEC users, so a disseration on this topics would be of interest to NEC3 users.