How do you clarify the definition of "Defined Cost" within NEC3 TSC?

Have you got any words ready off the shelf to clarify NEC 3 TSC Option C defined cost?

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Here’s is some suggested words that you could adapt to your circumstances/requirements.

[b]Add new Z Clauses in Contract Data Part 1[/b]

[Clause #.#      The Parties agree that the clarifications to Defined Cost stated in the Contract Data Part 1 are hereby applied to the [contract/agreement].]

Insert the additional text below in Contract Data Part 1 as appropriate

[b]If Option A, C or E is used[/b]

[b]Clarifications to Defined Cost[/b]

•           The following items are included in Defined Cost: [insert clarification, you could you use the Schedule of Costs Components to clarify key cost heading as being included or exclude from Defined Cost]

•           The following items/costs are expressly excluded from Defined Cost and including in the fee percentage: [insert clarification]

I have done a full Schedule of Cost Components (as per the Engineering & Construction Contract) but modified it for the TSC. Contact me direct if you want to discuss.