FIDIC: Admeasurement Contract Risks in FIDIC MDB 2010

FIDIC MDB 2010 - For Works Designed by Employer and Constructed by Contractor

Re-measurable / Admeasurement Type of Contract

  1. If the quantities increase (reference is Tender BOQ) during the execution of project, does this can be claimed for EOT?
  2. For items, shown in Drawing but missed in Tender BOQ - Can contractor claim for variation during the execution of works?
  3. Does the rate changes for any boq item, if the quantity is more than 25% of Tender BOQ?
  4. Who is responsible if all the items in the Tender drawings are not reflected or missed by the Employer in the Tender BOQ?
  1. If it arises from a Variation, yes.
  2. The FIDIC Guide gives a 3 point detailed guide to this: basically if the BoQ requires that an item should be measured then an additional item is needed. If the BoQ does not require an item to be measured, then it is not, if the BoQ needs to be corrected to comply with the principles of measurement, then an item is added.
  3. The rate changes if the change in quantity is more than 25% of the original quantity, and the change in quantity multiplied by the bill rate is more than 0.25% of the Accepted Contract Amount and the change in quantity must change the cost per unit quantity by more than 1%
  4. See item 2 above - it depends.