CDM Requirements for Non-Intrusive Site Surveys

I am currently working in a project in where our Contractor has claimed a Compensation Event as a result of being denied on Site where they were due to carry out survey works.

Our Project Team’s current position is that the Contractor was denied as a result of documentation being out of date which should have been updated prior to coming onto Site. More specifically the Construction Phase Plan and other CDM documentation such as Environmental Management Plan and Emergency Phase Plan.

However, I have recently been informed that the nature of the surveys are considered as non-intrusive and as a result do not require a live CPP in place to be carried out. (As well as other CDM documentation)

As a result, I would like some advice on the following proposition:

  1. Are Non-Intrusive Surveys included within the Construction Phase of the Project? And hence does an accepted CPP need to be in place before Non-Intrusive Site Surveys commence?

  2. What documentation does need to be in place before Non-Intrusive Site surveys commence?

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  1. Construction phase plans (CPP) are legally required on all construction projects, under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM). However, under CDM, surveys (inc non intrusive) are not considered to be ‘Construction’ therefore you would think that a CPP is not required. However, i am not sure if, as the construction project is covered by CDM generally, then all works not matter what are covered - best to ask the H&S team, as that’s their department.

  2. I’d say, if the above is correct and you don’t need an CPP, then certainly a RAMS needs to be provided and accepted.