What are the requirements for projects for voluntary organisations, eg scout huts, churches etc?

The CDM Regulations make a distinction between construction clients (ie those who commission construction work) who are ‘domestic’ and those considered ‘non-domestic’. Domestic clients – for example householders having work done on their own home – do not have any duties under the Regulations. Where there is an organisation or an ‘undertaking’ commissioning construction work – such as a scout group – whether for profit or not, they are required to comply with the client duties set out in the Regulations. Included within these duties are for clients to make sure that the contractors they appoint are competent. For projects that will last for more than 30 construction days, or 500 person days of construction work, there are additional requirements. They must notify HSE that the construction project is taking place, and appoint a CDM co-ordinator to assist them and other dutyholders in complying with their legal duties – particularly in dealing with health and safety issues in the planning phase of the project. The section on Client duties contains further useful information.