Are these NEC3 question vetted by NEC?

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The NEC questions on ReachBack are answered by a panel of independent NEC3 practitioner, many of whom have worked with both BuiltIntelligence and NEC Contract or Thomas Telford over the years.

Our services are not affiliated with Thomas Telford or NEC Contracts. We presented our idea of a free help desk/Q&A app to Thomas Telford in May 2013 and they declined to work with us.

No, they are NOT vetted by the publishers of the NEC3 and that for us is selling point.

Rather than having to be ‘on-message’ / idealistic in order to promote and sell the product, at BI, we like to think that while we are NEC enthusiasts, we are also realistic to its deficiencies and more pragmatic in our approach. And more responsive.

However, it is up to you to decide whether that is true !