What is the definition of construction work?

Construction work’ is extensive and includes most building, civil engineering or engineering construction work. A fuller description is given in the Regulations – see Appendix 1, regulation 2 of the ACoP, HSE publication L144 (free download available).

The following are [b]not[/b] considered to be construction work:

	Putting up and taking down marquees and similar tents designed to be re-erected at various locations.

	General maintenance of fixed plant, except when it is part of other construction work or involves substantial dismantling or alteration of fixed plant large enough to be a structure in its own right, eg structural alteration of a large silo, complex chemical plant, power station generator or large boiler.

	Tree planting and general horticultural work.

	Positioning and removal of lightweight movable partitions, such as those used to divide open-plan offices or to create exhibition stands and displays.

	Surveying – including taking levels, making measurements and examining a structure for faults.

	Work to or on vessels such as ships and mobile offshore installations.

	Off-site manufacture of items for later use in construction work, eg roof trusses, pre-cast concrete panels, bathroom pods and similar pre-fabricated elements and components.

	Fabrication of elements that will form parts of offshore installations.

	Construction on site of fixed offshore oil and gas installations.