Are there specific requirements for demolition?

A plan detailing the arrangements for how demolition work will be carried out must be prepared before demolition or dismantling work begins. This applies to all demolition work regardless of size, duration, or whether or not the job is notifiable.

Demolition means the deliberate pulling down, destru ction or taking apart of a building or other structure. This includes situations where only part of a structure is removed. Similarly, dismantling will be considered to be the taking down or taking apart of all, or a significant part of, a structure.

Construction operations involving the removal of non-structural elements such as cladding, roof tiles and similar materials are not considered to be demolition or dismantling – eg where these finishes are being replaced. But where these operations are combined with other operations they may together form demolition and dismantling work – eg where the whole building is being taken down.

The making of an opening for a door, window, service riser etc – where the majority of the wall or surface is retained – is not classed as demolition work.
The erection and taking down of a scaffold used for the purposes of construction is construction work. Taking down a scaffold is not demolition work in its own right.