Using CECA rates for plant equipment

Should CECA rates be used for the productive time on site or the time actully whilst on site during working hours

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I have to make a lot of assumptions here :

  1. That you are under option A or B as a standard schedule is only used for the Defined Cost of Equipment under these options and then adjusted by the percentage for adjustment for Equipment.
  2. Therefore, Defined Cost only comes into play when there is a compensation event.
  3. The key clause for assessing change in Defined Costs (plus Fee) due to a compensation event is 63.1. Here the change in Defined Cost + Fee has to be due to “the effect of the compensation event”.

So the answer is a typical experts response : it depends ! What was the “effect of the compensation event” ? I.e. if they were standing but you were having to pay, then that is an effect.