TSC3 Contract dispute


I currently have a TSC3 with a company and we have conflicting views regarding some of the contract requirements. I have 3 people working for me and the contract price list is for 3 people per month for services and assistance during the month. The contract only states that the contractor needs to be on site for the normal working hours of the Employer and does not mention anywhere that all the people needs to be on site at all times. Our work is 75% processes and 25% assistance to other maintenance departments on site. This function can be done by 1 person.
My view point is that not all personnel needs to be on site all the time and the employer argues that they pay hourly rates for 3 people. no where in the contract is there any mention of hourly rates except for call outs after hours.
I am only doing what the contract says I am allowed but they say they will take actions against me if I continue with it.

Any ideas as to resolve this issue?

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