TSC Short Form Weather Risk

We are using the short form of the TSC Contract for emergency maintenance work where there was very little in terms of defined scope due the overgrown nature of the sites.

We have a price list for items covered under SSCC and anything outside this is at defined cost + fee or CECA - x for plant.

As the above aligns best with Option E full version of TSC, would I be correct in assuming that any weather risk (recent snow for example) lies with the employer?

If you are using a Short TSC which includes the Shorter Schedule of Cost Components, it must have been amended to achieve that - Cost Schedules are one of the things removed in short forms. As such, its difficult to be certain of the rest of the answer, as there are clearly significant amendments.
In an unamended TSC (short or full) weather risk would be with the Contractor, as it is not a Client liability, and there is no CE for it.