Should the NEC Supervisor / Project Manager confirm in writing that a Defect has been rectified

The contract has been written to omit the Supervisor and transfer his duties and responsibilities to the Project Manager.
The Works Information states that the Contractor must follow his own quality management procedures.
The way of working is for the Employer to issue a fault/defect form, the Project Manager confirm’s whether this is a defect under the contract and Notifies the Contractor as such. The Contractor then remedies the defect. The Project Manager would provide technical and contractual advice throughout the process until the defect is rectified.
In this situation who has the ultimate responsibility for accepting/confirming close out of the Defect. Does the responsibility rest with the Project Manager with him visiting the site and viewing the rectified Defect and confirming that this is closed in writing or can he rely on the Contractors self certification system and treat the matter as closed on the Contractor’s say so in a collaborative way of working. What can an Employer expect from the NEC Supervisor/Project Manager in an unamended NEC3 contract.


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There remains a need for a defect certificate to be issued by the Supervisor (here the PM) so that must still be done unless the contract has been amended to remove that requirement.