NEC ECC: Accepting the correction of a Defect

What is the standard practice of accepting the correction of a Defect under the NEC?

Under the contract the Supervisor issues a Defect Certificate as per clause 43.3 at the end of last defect correction period however rather than wait until end of project we are looking to get defects signed off as accepted along the way (rather than wait until the end)

Would this just be a simple template were the Supervisor signs off the defect to say he is satisfied it has been corrected? Can not find anything within the NEC contracts with regards to signing off a defect as accepted.

I am not sure if there is a ‘standard’ practice, but NEC3 ECC clause 40.3 (NEC4 41.1) says “The Contractor and the Supervisor each notifies the other of each of his tests and inspections before it starts and afterwards notifies the other of its results.”

So, having corrected a Defect and inspected it, even if it is not a prescribed inspection as per the Works Information/Scope, you could notify the Supervisor.

And if it is a test or inspection to be done by the Supervisor under the contract, they should notify you of their test or inspection results once you have corrected it.