Sectional Completion Date (X5)

NEC 3 - Option B

Our agreement with a Subcontractor has a Sectional Completion date titled ’ All materials delivered to site’ with delay damages being applied (X7).

The Subcontractor is late, around 90 days, on that S/C date as it stands but, there has been an instruction sent by the Contractor requesting more material which is additional scope.

The Subcontractor is claiming in their CE that their S/C must be changed to when they can deliver this new material, which is the date of the instruction + lead times.

if correct, this means that their 90 days is cleared and their lateness for the previous material is forgotten. Is that correct ?

The Sectional Completion date needs amending to reflect the instructed additional scope. The adjustment should be a reasonable period to carry out the procurement plus the lead times. The adjustment being added to the Sectional Completion date.