Release Notes upto 2021-02-25 Contract Management

New + Improved

  • We are please to release Version 2 of our master templates. These templates contain further improvements provided to us by our industry experts. **
  • Accepted with Comments is a supported reply option to submissions. **
  • Further support has been added for contract level currencies. This is now fully manageable via the Contract Overview screen. **
    • Additional contracts are currently under review by our industry experts
  • Pending Reply Drafts will now be displayed under pending action in our notification bar (side panel). **
  • We have added the “Implemented CE Value” and “Contract Value Outstanding” as column options to the Contracts Register. **
  • We have improved the RAG and HEALTH reports by including additional contract information. **
  • We have migrated the Payment Summary reports across to the new UI **
  • As part of our continued focus on security we have rolled out additional cypher suites to our infrastructure. The FastDraft platform continues to receive an A+ from SSL labs certificate checks.


  • Fixed a bug on the company user edit view that prevented user edits for certain users.
  • Fixed a bug where the Early Warning notifications were not showing the correct sender details
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to rename a users email address to one that already existed


** Items marked with a double star are only available in our new UI. We are working hard to migrate all our customers to the improved user interface which provides a better user experience and improved performance.