Release Notes upto 2021-02-09 Contract Management

Hello, thanks for reading! Here are our release notes for the fortnight upto February 9th.

New + Improved

  • FastDraft, being a modern web application that uses the latest technologies, requires a modern web browser. To ensure our customers have the best experience we have added a warning banner to the application notifying our users if their browsers are out of date. **
  • To ensure the reminder panel accurately notifies users of pending actions, we have further improved this module to include draft replies awaiting comms. **
  • Updated NEC framework compliance review and approval by industry experts to ensure our Contract Management Platform remains accurate and relevant. **
    • Additional contracts are currently under review by our industry experts
  • Based on valuable customer feedback we have further locked down our powerful templates engine. **
  • We have successfully migrated our UK/EU shared instance over the our new UI and thanks to an eagle eyed user, fixed a bug where the option “reply with comments” was missing
  • All our registers now allow our users to search against rich test. This lets you filter for text within sections such as comments, description etc. **
  • Improved integration between FastDraft, Reachback and our LMS platforms. We are moving ever closer to a centralized authentication system that will allow our users to access all our platforms with a single account.
  • We have migrated across the Non Conformance module to our new UI to better support functionality from the old UI. **
  • We continue to migrate customizations from the old UI to our new UI as modules including reports. **
  • Our super users are now able to change the user types via the new UI. **
  • FastDraft now supports currencies at a contract level. This now means its possible to run a number of contracts with different currencies from your account. **


  • Fixed a bug in the Early Warning workflow related to missing fields
  • Minor UI improvements based on customer feedback post migration of our shared instance


** Items marked with a double star are only available in our new UI. We are working hard to migrate all our customers to the improved user interface which provides a better user experience and improved performance.