Release Notes upto 2021-03-22 Contract Management

New + Improved

  • While we continue to support client migrations from our old UI to the new UI, we have added an additional “Reply” tab to the notifications for read only purposes. We have also included defects period in weeks on the Contract create/edit screen allowing users to capture this information. **^^
  • We have added the Closed Date to the master defect register and also the PM response to Contractor CEN date on the Master CE register to better support integration with external reporting systems. **
  • Areas, hubs, lots and frameworks can now be configured against contracts allowing for better grouping and/or segregation of data.**^^
    • Its now possible to capture a PO Number and value against each contract and for this data to be visible within the contracts registers and reports **^^.
  • We have added the contract type to the contract overview / dashboard screen making it easier to identify the contract type. **
  • The out of date banner is now also visible to clients accessing FastDraft via SSO / Auth0. **
  • Included in all the registers is the 3 character currency code (ie. GBP). This is especially useful when export data to EXCEL/CSV as it allow the user to easily work with numerical raw data in excel but still identify the related currency of the amounts.**


  • The projection creation screen labels were updated for better clarity.
  • Minor tweaks to support improved performance of the application. This forms part of the larger task as we move to a PaaS environment. **


** Items marked with a double star are only available in our new UI. We are working hard to migrate all our customers to the improved user interface which provides a better user experience and improved performance.

^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

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