Release Notes upto 2021-01-11 Contract Management

Release Update – January 2021

New + Improved

  • We have improved the breadcrumb navigation across all workflows and forms allowing our users to easily navigate between views in a hierarchical, structured and simple way. **
  • Compensation event status will be automatically updated via our daily task service ensuring notifications are updated when dates materialise or elapse.
  • Further migration of customised reports across to the new UI from customers currently on the old UI as we continue to support migration. **
  • Improved support for 3rd party integration where authorization can be provided via a machine api key allowing customer to utilise our API securely without needing a user account.
  • Additional contracts are currently under review by our industry experts and we will continue to add support for additional contract types. **
  • Further improvements to our workflows to provide additional data capture process allowing for more detailed and transparent communications **


  • Fixed a bug which prevented our SSO (Single Sign-on) users from communicating certain notifications
  • Fixed a bug where the ContractID was returned as null for Packaged Contracts


** Items marked with a double star are only available in our new UI. We are working hard to migrate all our customers to the improved user interface which provides a better user experience and improved performance.