Release Notes up to 2021-06-25 Contract Management

New + Improved

  • We have updated the standard FastDraft email notifications template to be inline with Built Intelligence Corporate Identity
  • We have added additional Risk Performance and Timing fields to EW to further support workflows
  • Support added for secondary activities to provide better support for activities related to workflows
  • We have further improved the aggregate reporting by including the custom tags that can be added on all workflows ^^
  • In addition to adding tags to the aggregate reports, these have also be added to all the registers providing a much more powerful search feature
  • As part of the continuous development and improvements to FastDraft we have made some minor maintenance updates based off of valuable customer feedback. These include legacy reply required dates, alert view for reply periods, dashboard view and simplified system roles.
  • To provide better support for naming of activities and notification we have increased the field size to allow for larger descriptions
  • For our SSO users, we now have the option for you to logout of your Idp (ie. AzureAD) and login with a different account in case the user logged into FD with the wrong Idp account which was not configured for use with FastDraft ^^
  • We added LastLoginDate support for SSO users ^^
  • We are pleased to now support custom reply period support on all work flows which can be configured through the powerful workflow editor ^^
  • Added support for new contract types (TSC, Fidic) ^^


  • Minor tweaks to support improved performance of the application.


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

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