Release Notes upto 2020-11-17 Contract Management

New + Improved

  • You can now run system wide aggregated reports across all your contracts. Example of aggregated reports are Early Warning, Compensation Events, Payment Applications, Quote Extensions and much more.
  • Automatic updates of Current completion dates and prices
  • Updated NEC framework compliance review and approval by industry experts to ensure our Contract Management Platform remains accurate and relevant
    • NEC3_ECS
    • NEC3_ECC
    • NEC3_PSC
    • NEC4_ECC
    • NEC4_PSC
    • Additional contracts are currently under review by our industry experts
  • Improvements to how the platform is hosted to ensure blazing fast performance
  • We have added additional logging to the platform to we are able to identify and resolve any support queries in record time
  • We have added MFA for our non-enterprise clients allowing all our users to benefit from the added security
  • We have integrated our Contract Management Platform with the Built Intelligence Passport (our single sign-on solution) to allow our platform users to easily access our learning management system and ReachBack platforms.
  • We have improved our workflows to provide additional data capture process allowing for more detailed and transparent communications
  • Our support widget has been improved to allow us to provide private content to enterprise clients allowing our client to publish their own content via our platform directly to their users.
  • Automatic PDF archiving of all notification sent via the platform. This feature is configurable against each contract providing full control to our users.
  • We have added some nifty new features based on valuable feedback from our customers, namely
    • The ability to copy/paste formatted and un-formatted text
    • Improved wording on our forms to remove any confusion
    • Additional data views / columns on our registers to help our users perform further data analysis outside of the platform
  • We have integrated the platform with external monitoring tools such as Pingdom to provide platform performance statistics to our users for greater transparency


  • Printing PDF forms now support much larger string conversions ensuring we don’t miss off any of your data
  • Our notification panel will not correctly update when navigating between different contracts
  • Resolved reminders are now correctly removed from the pending actions panel
  • Status’ relating to Compensation Events are now correctly updated when a quote is accepted
  • The correct logo and address is now shown correctly for our “packaged contracts”
  • Expired CE’s were not visible when creating a quote
  • Invalid Date was appearing on some of our forms and registers where no date was provided


** Items marked with a double star are only available in our new UI. We are working hard to migrate all our customers to the improved user interface which provides a better user experience and improved performance.

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