Release Notes up to 2023-01-29 Contract Management Sprints 54,55,56

New + Improved

These releases contain improvements, new features and bug fixes.

Improved Performance **

We have made changes to significantly reduce the load time on the following registers;

  • Compensation Events/Claims/Variations
  • Quotations
  • Supplier Submissions

Improved product Integration

Asite integration has been updated to support configurable search parameters per FastDraft instance.

Improved Usability

We have made improvements to our registers and also to the functionality on one of our workflows.

  • The Search function is now supported in tag columns of each register
  • Validation has been added to close out any outstanding quotation and corresponding actions if and when a Project Manager’s Assessment is communicated . (NB. Best practice would be to always reply to any outstanding quote before sending a Project Manager’s Assessment)

Improved Aggregate Reports ^^

  • Updated Quotation report to allow monitoring or timeliness of quotes

Improved Compliance

Users will now be prompted to re-confirm their agreement if and when terms of use are updated

New Automated Export

We have created an automated Export of Contract Information. This function is initially restricted to Built Intelligence support users only. Following live proving, the intention is to roll this out to Site Administrators as soon as possible.

Once signed off - Enterprise customers can request an export of contract notices communicated via FastDraft. Zipped archives will be requested via a button on the Contract Overview page and, once generated, available for download via a new Exports menu under the Contract settings [support article to follow with more detail]. The zipped archive will include an Excel report of each register, pdf copies of all notices and copies of all uploaded attachments.

NB. Attachments already held in the customer’s own document management’s system(eg Sharepoint/Asite) are excluded.

For customers on our managed platform, there will still be a charge for this service.

New Certificate workflow group

A new Certificates workflow group has been created to support the communication of the following via dedicated workflows rather than via Notification. This workflow group is not switched on by default.

  • Completion
  • Sectional Completion
  • Defects
  • Termination

The Completion certificate will automatically update a new ‘Actual Completion Date’ on the contract dashboard and can optionally be configured to update the contract status to Complete (if desired). See Release-Notes-up-to-2022-06-13 for more on Contract status

Bug Fixes

We have corrected a number of reported defects

  • The contract dashboard now auto-refreshes when a price change is communicated (i.e. when a quote is accepted or a Project Manager’s Assessment is communicated, or a Contractor’s submission with quote is accepted) ]
  • Browser suggested dates were causing problems on date selector fields so have now been removed
  • Master Compensation Event Register label was not dynamically updated (i.e. was not picking up the name configured for this register in the contract template)
  • Pasting long text (e.g. a url) into a text field was causing text to extend beyond the printable boundaries of the page
  • Site Support users were unable to add/edit a field name (most notably they were unable to add a new Early Warning reason from the list of valid types)


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterisk will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.