Release Notes up to 2022-02-28 Contract Management (Sprint 32)

New + Improved

Improved Aggregate Reporting ^^

Aggregate reports now include a Timestamp on notified and reply date fields - previously it was only the date that was recorded.

Improved Contract Summary Report ^^

We have added extra fields to this aggregated report. The Contract Summary report now includes all companies associated with each party in the contract plus company associated with each lead user acting for each party.

Improved Dashboard Display

Following up on the recent changes to allow the User Company name to be selected independently of Company name when creating/updating the party information in the contract Overview, the Contract Dashboard has been updated to present this information more clearly.

company dash

  • The company name associated with each party is always displayed on the right
  • If the lead user belongs to a different company (e.g. a consultant acting on behalf of another company) the user’s company appears in brackets alongside their name

New bespoke non-conformance workflow ^^

We have created a bespoke non-conformity workflow for one of our Enterprise customers


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterix will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.