Release Notes up to 2023-07-02 Contract Management (Sprint 66 &67)

New + Improved

New Certification and Application types

We have added optional ‘Type’ dropdowns that can be enabled within the Payment Workflow for Payment Certificates , Payment Applications and their associated registers and reports.

New Email address validation

We have added email address validation to the Email Recipients page which aligns to validation that already exists on the Login page

email recip

New functionality on demo contracts

We have created party switching for all users on demo contracts irrespective of user type. This means you can raise notifications as one party, switch roles and reply as the relevant party. ( NB. Demo contracts do not create email notifications)


New Date Information on Contract overview

We have added an extra date field to the Contract Overview page. This will allow users to be able to identify whether any forms or replies have been communicated since the most recent contract export so they can determine whether a new export need to be generated.

last comm date

Improved Field descriptions on the Contract Users Register

We have renamed on the Contract Users register - ‘Date Added’ column to ‘Last Edited’ to accurately reflect the date that is being shown.

Bug fixes

Below are the bug fixes implemented in this release.

  • Correction for the reordering of tags. We had refactored the tag system a while back, to be much more performant and during that we started to order all the tags A-Z without considering that some users would order the tags into a specific order for categorisation,. We’ve reversed that ordering so it will now maintain the order you add them. (Some clients prefer the tags to be displayed in the order they added them for categorisation and filtering. ^^

  • Remove the restriction for access to the Share button When using ‘Share’ button in conjunction with custom fields the population of To and CC lines was erroneously restricted to Site Administrator, System Administrator and System Owner.

**Background Improvements ****

  • Updated code snippet for collating customer feedback scores
  • When using the ‘Share’ button in conjunction with custom fields the CC line is not being populated on Quote forms ^^
  • On the Aggregate Reports download page the list of Companies includes duplicate items ^^


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterix will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.