Rejoinder in Adjudication

A meeting was held between the parties and the Adjudicator on 13 June 2018 (SAY) where the Adjudicator decided the procedure in terms of timing and the order in which documents must be submitted. The Adjudicator decided that the Client be given an opportunity to submit a rejoinder. The Adjudicator decided and directed that the Client submit its answer within 4 weeks after receiving the Contractor’s referral submission, that the Contractor reply within 2 weeks after receiving the Client’s answer, and that the Client submit is rejoinder within 2 weeks after receiving the Contractor’s reply. KIndly advise whether the Adjudicator was authorised to prescribe these procedures and whether his decision for the Client to submit a rejoinder where the Client is the respondent was appropriate?

In what manner can adjudication proceedings be suspended (stayed)?

In what manner can the time period for the adjudicator’s decision be extended?

The Client is not seeking to introduce a new dispute – the contentions raised by the Client relates to the dispute and falls within the ambit of the Adjudicator’s jurisdiction under clause W1.3 (5) of NEC4. In this circumstance

How to consider jurisdictional issue and

In what circumstances can a Responding Party introduce new issues?