Quotation format for a subcontractor under NEC option A

Good Morning,

We are a subcontractor contracted under an NEC 3 option A ECS. We have rates included in the short schedule of cost components for various elements of work. When preparing compensation events, we use a template provided on this website to show the breakdowns of items building up to our quotes with rates used from the SSoc. This format is generally accepted for valuing compensation events.

My question is, if the contractor asks us to quote for a completely new piece of work that is not typically within our package, in this instance, a bespoked silo access platform. Are we obliged to show breakdowns to the level we would when preparing a CE event claim? is the quotation request a “CE”? could we submit 1 number and offer a take it or leave it? could we prepare our own breakdown internally more in line with how we would do our tenders allowing for a more rational way of pricing the work?

Compare and contrast this with work that would have been ours anyway, like missing pieces of steel that became evident as the design evolved, which we claim as a CE and show via the Ssoc with a template.

Curious to see the experts opinion on the matter. A clause reference in NEC would help.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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