NEC ECC: How far should the MC interrogate a SC quotation before submitting NEC3 Option A

Request for quotation are being requested from the MC for generally SC works. The MC is simply passing on as a lump sum (with his fee added) without interrogating the figures. To what extend should we expect the MC to query theses figures before submitting, we are certain that he does so when it affects his tendered work directly and are not CE’s?

Under NEC3 ECC the default for assessing the compensation events is the Shorter Schedule of Cost Components which does NOT have a sub-section for Subcontractor costs. What does this mean in practice ?

It means as far as the PM is concerned, the Contractor should be building up the quotation from first principles as per the Shorter SCC, so you could just dismiss this passing on as not in accordance with the contract and either instruct them to resubmit or make your own assessment. Don’t forget all the rules of assessment in clause 63 would apply. That could include agreeing to use (existing) rates and lump sums, but it is by agreement.

In contrast, NEC4 has a specific subsection for Subcontractor costs which would need to be built up in accordance with that subcontract. How would you know that ? You would need to see it. And then if they submitted quotations not in accordance with that subcontract and clause 63 , you could then do as above.