PM responding to a quotation from a subcontractor

The Subcontractor has provided a quotation in response to an EWN under an NEC4 Opt A Subcontract Form. The Contractor has reviewed and wants to provide a response.

He is using a Quotation Form to provide this response whether accepted, resubmit, own assessment etc. Is this type of formal response correct and is there a standard NEC template for this submit/respond procedure. He is using EWN and CE templates as normal

Any thoughts gratefully received.

There is no provision in the NEC to provide a quote or respond to one provided in connection with an early warning notice. If the quote provided following a compensation event notification then clause 62.3 requires the C to respond by either instructing the S to provide a revised quote, accepting the quote or notifying that the C will make an assessment. If the notification is to provide a revised quote, then the C also states reasons for requiring a revision.

There is no standard NEC template.

Your question header mentions the PM. He has no power to accept or reject quotes from the S under an NEC3 ECS.