NEC 4 ECC : Option A - quotation from an early warning?

An EWN was raised for some minor asbestos removal. The Contractor received a quotation within 1 day of the EWN notification and the PM is happy to accept the work is additional scope & the quotation.

Q – Is there any risk to the Client short cutting the CE notification, quotation, assessment process by moving straight to the CE implementation stage for the sum quoted (as deemed acceptable by the PM).

why would the Client and the PM want to deviate from the contract. Follow the contract, given there is agreement it would probably take as long as writing this reply.

The very fact that a quotation is being requested suggests that this is a compensation event (or why ask for a quotation). That is why using one of these on line administration tools (e.g. FastDraft) for managing NEC contracts is so good as it forces you to follow the correct process. The only way to ask for a quote through the system and in accordance with the contract is via clauses 61.1, 62.1 or 65.1. There should never be the need for a quotation directly off the back of an early warning.

As Dave suggests - follow the correct contractual process so you both know where you stand and everything is fully auditable.