New feature Released - Project Code (SOP Code) and Project title

The client’s system admins wish to track contracts via project code. Project code number is a unique ID for each projects, which is generate manually by the client and allow several contracts to be grouped under a single project. The project code number is a text string which can be made up of number or letters or symbols.

This project code is added by system admin via the admin panel on each project and can be updated by system admin. The project code is displayed to all users on the register of contract (home page), contract dashboard, register of projects (admin panel) and my contracts, contract summary report, payment summary report, payment (package contracts) summary report, contract price change report, area contract summary report and hub contract summary report.

The project code is associated with a project title. The project title can be selected when creating a contract so that contracts are grouped under a project by its title and code.

Whether the project code and project titles are displayed in the registers is configurable on/off at a system level.

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