New feature - Contract Closure

If a contract comes to an end, we want Superusers to be able to archive the project, so it drops off the home page/my contracts page for the project teams, but the original project team are retained in the admin panel on the system so report is unaffected.

At the moment there is no way of doing this since the people named on the Contract Overview tab (Lead Contractor / Consultant, Client, SM / ECC PM, Supervisor) retain access to the contract even though we have removed them from the Contract Users tab in ADMIN. We do not want to remove these people as we need to retain who the contract leads were.

The new feature will prevent users gaining access to contracts via the contract overview tab, so if we remove them from the contract users tab they will no longer be able to view the contract any more?

@loreta.adams and @pj.carlyon can you confirm that this captures you needs correctly. @martinpm FYI

Hi @chriscorr - is there supposed to be an attachment?. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to review.


Loreta I wrote the original spec for Pippa based what she had explained she wanted. So I was asking you to check the original post