NEC4 Option B - Works of similar character - BoQ Rates or Defined Cost

I am working on an NEC4 Option B and we have been issued a Contractors Instruction because there has been a change to a drawing and a length of wall has increased.

I priced this CE as Defined Cost + Fee, but it has been rejected and I have been told to reprice it under 63.15 using the BoQ rates.

What is the correct way of dealing with this CE? Should it be priced using the BoQ rates as it’s just re-measuring the quantity already priced, or as a new drawing has been issued is it the Defined Cost route I originally submitted?

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Clause 63.15 under main option B relates to the way in which the assessment of a CE is presented in the BoQ.

It doesn’t relate to HOW the matter is assessed, which is detailed at clauses 62.2, 63.1, 63.8.

The definition of Defined Cost is the cost of the components in the Short Schedule of Cost Components.

It sounds like you assessed it correctly.


Simon, just to add to Andrew’s response; clause 63.2 tells us that rates or lumps sums can be used to assess a CE but only if there is agreement to do so, without an agreement it has to be Defined Cost.

Having said that check your Z clauses for amendments.

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