NEC3 TSC Option C Can you confirm if quantities are stated in the price list

Under the NEC3 TSC Option C can you confirm if quantities stated in the price list these get adjusted to the actual quantity done when calculating the pain/gain share by comparing to the actual cost with the relevant clause numbers, please?

Clause 53 on page 25 explains how the Contractor’s share is calculated which you need to read in conjunction with clause 11.2(20) which is the definition of the term Prices.

Clause 53.1 compares the total of the Prices and the Price for Services Provided to Date (PSPD). If a quantity is stated for an item in the Price List then the Price is calculated by multiplying the quantity by the rate. Finally clause 53.3 requires that the assessment uses the PSPD and total of the Prices for work done at the date of the assessment.

If this wasn’t the case the risk profile in the contract would be very different with the Contractor having to price quantity variance as a risk at tender stage.