NEC3 TSC: Could a maintenance period be included under TSC?

If a TSC is to deal with a maintenance period, how could we amend the relevant clauses to suit?

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Under the TSC the Contractor Provides the Service (i.e. maintains the asset, building, etc.), in accordance with the Service Information throughout the “service period”, so the contract caters for a “maintenance period” without modification. This is not to say your circumstances might not with with the existing clauses, I would therefore suggest you read the clauses that refer to the service period and decide if any of these clauses are unsuitable in their current form. They relevant clauses are 50.1, 61.7, 21.1, 21.2, 92.2, E20.4, 70.2, 93.2, X20.2, A20.5, 92.2 and 30.1. There are also some supplementary clause such as X17 that can also be bolted on to provide additional obligations in respect of performance obligations. If you wish to expand on your question i can update this answer to take any additional points into consideration.