NEC3, Option B - BQ Item and Omitted Item

We have a BQ item for pre-boring with depth range exceeding 60m but not exceeding 65m (the depth range is according to the Drawings and Site Information). However, the actual pre-boring is with depth range exceeding 65m but not exceeding 70m.

How to deal with this situation?

Should we correct the BQ by deleting the BQ item with Defined Cost or just simply ignore the BQ item with zero quantity?

The use of the BOQ depends on the Scope.

If the scope says that the depth range is exceeding 60m but not exceeding 65 then the question arises as to why the drill took place at a different depth?

If the contractor chose the drill profile, the client could notify a defect as the drill didn’t comply with the scope. In such a scenario, you wont get a CE accepted.

If the client change the scope and instructed you to drill deeper, you need to notify a
CE and provide proof that he increased depth increase your defined cost. Not an easy matter in drilling, particularly if the medium is the same.

So in essence, deviating from the BOQ depends on whose decision it was to change the profile.