NEC3 ECS: What constitutes "communicated separately"?

What constitutes “communicated separately”? Obviously a single CE attached to an email. What about multiple separate CE’s all attached to an email? Further, multiple CE’s on separate tabs on a single spreadsheet attached to an email? Finally, multiple CE’s on individual separate tabs of a spreadsheet that is then summarised and brought forward into an application for payment (when printed each CE would be a separate page)?

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When you say you are communicating a CE - is that the notification or the quotation? Lets assume it is the notification. As a project you would hope/assume either you are using an inline portal such as CEMAR or Conject, or if not you have a series of proforma that you manage such communications with. You would then be looking to notify each separate notification separately - so they have a unique reference number and can be responded to individually. Similarly if it is the quotation. Depending on which option you are working under will depend on whether you are due for any payment. If option A - you get paid for completed items on the activity schedule, so until a compensation event is implemented it does not make the activity schedule anyway.

The general principle of 13.7 is to create transparency. You wouldn’t want one early warning covering three completely different things. If there are 100 identified defects that are all very small items, you would not want/need to notify these separately but could send one communication saying “please find attached list of 100 defects”.

You would like to think common sense would prevail understanding the intent of 13.7…