NEC3 ECC: When do the contractual time periods commence if we are only working under a letter of intent to start with?

Under a letter of intent (we have commenced on) when do we issue programme of works. What if we have not issued programme within 2 weeks of start date?

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I cannot really answer this is as it totally depends upon what the letter of intent says i.e. does it refer to the ECC form ? If β€˜Yes’, what data is filled in the Contract Data, what is in the Works Information etc etc ? And in particular to your query, what (if any) timescale for submitting a first programme from the Contract Date (not starting date) is filled in the Contract Data as referred to by clause 31.1 ?

As one lawyer says, letters of intent are often letters of no intent due to their vagueness, but they are contracts in themselves. Their vagueness helps him make a living !