NEC3 ECC: What "people overhead" percentage would be typical?

What is a typical range of people overhead percentages for an NEC3 ECC Option A project? The project is a £3.5M refurbishment in London.

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I am afraid that there isn’t a typical answer/range to the people percentage. The two key areas however that impact on the percentage are:-

Whether any of the items included in the people percentage are provided directly by the Employer or simply not relevant to the project. For example on a refurbishment project it’s possible that some of the services (water and electricity) for the project will piggyback on the existing infrastructure already on the Employer’s property.

The second key area to watch out for is the people’s percentage is expressed as a percentage of the People cost of the SOCC so this is quite sensitive to the amount of direct labour costs on the project. The People costs vary quite a lot between project types. Using your example of the refurbishment project, this type of project is likely to be more labour intensive than say a new road, which will have a much higher proportion of material costs as a total percentage of the overall project cost. Hence the same cost for the people percentage items is expressed as a different percentage on these two projects.

That said the calculation is relatively simple to do. If you are not sure how to do this I can provide an example.