NEC3 ECC: Terminal float on cl32 revised programme

I have a question on a revised submitted programme by the principal contractor to the Employer under ECC Option A.

Once the Contractor has used up his terminal float within their program by no fault of the Employer - can they then add further terminal float into another revision further down the line ?
I am representing the Employer and we have had a revised programme from the Contractor which we have to assess.

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Terminal float is where planned Completion is in advance of the Completion Date. If the Contractor has used this up due to their own risk items then that is their gift. If you have an Accepted Programme where terminal float has been used up and planned Completion/Completion Date are the same, there is nothing to stop the Contractor to have a better month next period and if their planned completion is now earlier again by say a week, then you ave no choice but to accept their programme (assuming it ticks all the other boxes) and they do indeed have terminal float again. This could be increasing or deceasing each period throughout the project.

This period is Contractor owned, and can not be absorbed by compensation events i.e. if there is a delay to planned Completion by one week due to a CE, then Completion Date should move by same amount.