NEC3 ECC: Programme acceptance and new forecast Contract Completion Date

I have a monthly programme issued for acceptance that is delayed by a CE that has not been implemented yet and the planned Completion date moves out, along with the terminal float and contract completion date. Is it correct to call this last milestone a projected or “forecast completion date”? As the official contract completion date cannot change until the CE has been implemented?
I have a separate section at the top of the programme with all the contract milestones. Is it not confusing to call the last milestone a contract completion date when it is no such thing?


Yes it would be confusing to use “contract completion date” when there is no such term and you do not need to do this. You should move your planned Completion out as you describe but Completion Date stays where it is. As and when you get your compensation event implemented, you move Completion Date out by the amount agreed and your terminal float will then be the difference between the two again. If you want a milestone at the very end I would call it “Potential Completion Date”. Whilst not contractual I find this useful to show where you believe Completion Date will go to once the CE is implemented.

The only issue comes with what to do with the terminal float bar in the meantime, which is the difference between planned Completion and Completion Date. If you have on the Accepted Programme two weeks of terminal float (where planned Completion is two weeks earlier than Completion Date) and a compensation event moves planned Completion by three weeks, then I would still show the terminal float bar as a solid two weeks. This is you demonstrating that you believe this is your entitlement, and hopefully when the CE is agreed/implemented it will then move by three weeks back to the end of your terminal float bar.

Thank you very much Glenn, you confirmed my own thoughts, the scenario you make is exactly where we are now, but the PM says I can’t have a forecast completion date or as you called it a “potential completion date” so I will have to just show the terminal float bar going out past the original completion date and de link it from the completion date. Your help was greatly appreciated :slight_smile: