NEC3 ECC: Option A - Works Information

  1. Are documents that are referred to within the Works Information but not provided, considered part of the Works Information pack?

  2. We have excluded qualified our bid by referring only to documents provided within the tender.

There were too many unknowns with the referred documents. Does this essentially amend the Works Information ?

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In answer to ‘1’, it really depends how they are referred to and what the nature of the referred document is. If, for instance, it said workmanship has to be in accordance with a BS/ISO standard for (off the top of my head) guttering, then they would be.

For ‘2’ it would depend upon where your exclusion was stated as the order of precedence of documents would count. If it was stated in the Works Information for the Contractor’s design, the answer would be ‘No’ as the Employer’s WI has precedence. If it was in the form of agreement, then the answer would almost certainly be ‘Yes’.