NEC3 ECC: No signs of Completion - what can the Employer do?

Currently working on a project that has significant delays due to Contractor not being able to offer a compliant system due to issues with software integration within their solution. Contractor is currently racking up delay costs but there is concern from the Employer and PM that time is dragging on without any sign of Completion. Concerns of final compliance also exist from the Employer. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Start by raising an early warning and holding a risk reduction meeting to share concerns and see what measures can/should be put into place to minimize further delay. You should remind the Contractor that you are/will be charging delay damages (assuming you have them under X7) for this over-run.

I think the key thing here is to talk. Find out what their issues are, make them clear how important this is to you, and try to find a way forward to allow Completion to be achieved at the earliest opportunity. Obviously see if there is anyway that your concerns of final compliance could be alleviated.

This might be a good one to put into the LinkedIn group as a discussion to see what multiple tips you can get from other professionals.