NEC3 ECC: Missing obvious item on the BofQ

I am currently managing a road rehabilitation project under NEC3 (Option B).
On the bill of quantities, there’s an item to remove the existing 150mm base layer and reconstruct a new base layer using imported material.
On the same bill of quantities there’s a missing item, which is to remove the existing 30mm asphalt surfacing prior to preparing the base.
But on the Works Information, it is clearly stated that the Asphalt surfacing should be removed prior the preparation of the base.

Is the Contractor entitled to claim for the removal of the existing Asphalt surfacing?

I guess the simple answer is that yes, any items missing on the BofQ are an Employers risk as the Contractor had no where to price for them (60.6) and would be assessed as a compensation event. Discrepancies between WI and BofQ the Contractor is to have assumed to have taken BofQ as being correct (60.7).
It does beg the question here however as to how they planned to remove the base layer without removing the surfacing layer which you would have liked to have thought would have been noticed at tender stage.