NEC3 ECC: Compensation event claim

If a site instruction is received and a price issued, how long does my client have to respond before my breakdown of costs are deemed excepted? I’ve issued, chased approval time and time again completed the works so not to delay the programme and now at final account stage being questioned on if my figures are fair and reasonable which I believe they are but clients QS does not.

If the Project Manager has accepted that this is a compensation event and requested a quote, they have two weeks to respond to your quote once submitted. If they fail to respond, then you can notify them (in writing, separate from any other communication) of their failure to respond. If they fail to respond to that reminder then under 62.6 that quote (for bot time and cost) would now be “treated as having been accepted” i.e. deemed accepted.

You have to give that formal reminder to trigger the deemed acceptance.