NEC3 ECC: Clause 17 Ambiguitites & Inconsistencies: Do information omissions fall within the scope of this clause

On our interchange signalisation scheme Appendix 12 Clause 5.1 requires the Contractor to arrange with the Electricity Supply Company for the provision of an electrical service to the electricity supply company pillar and to liaise with the Electricity Supply Company to arrange the work to suit the Works Programme.

Unfortunately the designers failed to state within the Works Information the name of the Electricity Supply Company for the area.

Subsequently the Contractor highlighted the omission utilising their own technical query form which includes a box for the client’s response. I responded on their form, that day, confirming the name and contact details of the Electricity Supply Company.

Does this type of omission, or any other omission of information for that matter, fall within the scope of NEC Clause 17?

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In short - no. Clause 17 is about conflicting information, not missing information. If you knew it was missing you could have raised an early warning, Unless it states otherwise it may be your liability to find that out. Unless this lack of information is a reason under clause 60.1 that it is a compensation event it would seem that this is your liability.