NEC PSC: Under the NEC3 PSC April 13 what is the submission period for an Employer when making an assessment? Is it as per the contract requirements of the consultant i.e. 2/3 weeks or is it the actual period taken for the consultant to submit the origina

Under Clause 64.4 Contract states 'The Employer notifies the Consultant of his assessment of a CE and gives him details of it within the period allowed for the Consultants submission of his quotation for the same event. It is not clear if this is the original period as defined in the contract i.e. 2/3weeks depending on status or the actual period taken to submit the quotation including any agreed extension to the period for submission of said quotation.

The Employer would have the same period the Consultant had as stated in the contract i.e. two weeks, unless an extension was agreed in which case it would be that same extended period that the Employer would then have.

It has nothing to do with how long the Consultant actually took to do a quotation. remember, if the Consultant was late on submitting the quote then the Employer can go ahead and assess themselves.