NEC3 PSC: Does the PM have to submit a request to provide a quotation or does it happen automatically when an NCE has become a CE through the process of the contract?

I will provide some further context with specific reference to contract clauses: The contract I refer to is the PSC. As the design organisation we are the consultant therein. Under clause 61.4 where the NCE becomes a compensation event after the stated period after reminders the clause suggests that it is accepted by the employer ‘and an instruction to submit quotations’. This effectively suggesting automatic transition to quote. However, there is no cross reference to 62.3 in terms of the time to submit quotations. Should this be assumed to apply? If it doesn’t apply under 64.1 does the employer still hold the responsibility to assess the CE?

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In brief, my view is a strong ‘Yes’.

As you say, no response within the two weeks “is treated as … an instruction to submit quotations.” Consequently, under clause 62.3, from the time of no response i.e. when the 2 weeks is up, the “Contractor submits quotations within two weeks of being instructed to do so by the Employer”.

For me, the replication of wording creates a clear linkage between the two clauses.