NEC ECS: Are there specified reasons in the contract for removing a subcontractors person under his control. Or can the contractor just instruct this?

Z1.12.4: 24.2 - The Contractor may, having stated his reasons, instruct the Subcontractor to remove any person under his control. The Subcontractor then arranges that, after one day, such person has no further connection with the work included in this


The Contractor can instruct this, but it is intended to be for matters such as health and safety breaches, security or disorderly behavior. If it was for any other reason then the Subcontractor could notify this as a compensation event and any cost incurred in getting someone else in and up to speed could be recovered. You would like to think the Contractor would only do this for a very good reason, and if not they may incur a cost as a result (which you would probably have to go to adjudication on as they are unlikely to agree that cost).