NEC ECC: What options are available to the Contractor to employ others to carry out a subcontractor's work when the subcontractor is defaulting?

Is there a similar process of notifying the default, giving a period of time to rectify the default and then giving a further notice advising of intention to employ others to carry out works if the default continues for a further period of time?

If the subcontract is an ECS then you can omit work from the Subcontractor using a clause 14.3 instruction which would then become a clause 60.1(1) compensation event. Depending on which main option was used clauses 63.10 and 63.11 allow the Prices to be reduced in certain circumstances. The instruction should just state that the Subcontractor is no longer required to do x, y, or z works and that these works have been removed from the Subcontract Works Information.

Of course there will be early warnings that you’ve sent to the Subcontractor along the way that will explain why this course of action was necessary?

Depending on the extent of the work you want to omit, you could consider termination under clauses 90, 91, 92 and 93. Be careful though, stick strictly to the contract and depending on the value / risk you might want to take some advice before going down this route.

Jay, based on bitter experience, I would suggest that you take legal advice before acting.